Our Manufacture

There is no other company out there that lives and loves its promise to deliver quality products more than Carbox: the company based in Achim near Bremen in northern Germany does not regard itself as a mass producer, but as a workshop-based manufacturer. Each and every product that leaves our manufacturing workshop has been examined by hand. Our roughly 30 employees enthusiastically and committedly apply themselves day in and day out to ensure that each Carbox not only lasts for the guarantee period of ten years, but for a lifetime.


Whether fully-automatic series production for large numbers of production units for global sale or small production volumes with a lot of manual craftsmanship: the actual production principle of deep drawing plastic sheets and films always remains the same. The delivered plastic sheets are heated and then formed. The edges are then cut off – and the Carbox is finished

The name tells you all you need to know: the Carbox Company identifies itself with each single product it manufactures. As the exclusive supplier for large car accessories retailers and as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for automobile manufacturers, Carbox regards it as a given that each and every Carbox meets the very highest quality standards. In fully keeping with the motto: quality is when the customer comes back and not the product.


Carbox ensures that this demand is met by having all work steps carried out under one roof. Development, construction, production and sales work hand in hand. This ensures that the customer gets the best possible service and flexibility. The Carbox is a niche product – and has firmly and successfully established itself in its niche globally. No matter what the car will look like in the future: the boot is and will remain an important place in the car, a place that Carbox allows to be used optimally while at the same time protecting the car and maintaining its value.

Carbox is
“Brand of the Century”

Carbox is one of Germany's strongest brands. That was decided upon by a high-ranking commission in 2012 and Carbox was then accepted into the compendium "Brands of the Century – Lighthouses in the Sea of Brands" as well as being awarded the "Brand Prize of German Standards". The prizes and awards mean that Carbox belongs to an exclusive club of 250 German brands which are synonymous for the unique selling points for which their respective product category stands for.

Handelsblatt dated 18/12/2012

Development & Construction

Specialised tools are required to manufacture our Carbox, which our company has developed and constructed itself. If a new car model comes into the workshop, our employees can use its CAD data to develop the perfectly-fitting Carbox or measure the vehicle directly. Among the challenges associated with manufacturing the Carbox apart from the fact that it should fit into the car, is that it also has to be possible to remove and insert it easily.


Carbox manufactures its products with around 30 employees in a 12,500 square-metre facility in Achim near the northern German city of Bremen. If requested to do so, we can even produce very limited product volumes by hand in our manufacturing workshop. And thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at our disposal, we are equally able, for example, to produce large volumes of Carbox forms fully automatically and within short cycle times.


From its headquarters in more or less the heart of Europe, Carbox delivers across the globe. Carbox works closely with exclusive partners in nine countries, while the company also has additional partners in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the USA. Carbox exports more than 50 percent of the products it manufactures. The products go to specialist retailers as well as automobile manufacturers.