Social Commitment


Doing good for Bremen and the region

The responsible treatment of resources and social responsibility towards employees, customers, the region and the environment play an important role for Stefan Bellinger, as family entrepreneur. This sees Carbox support various institutions and organisations, particularly in the Bremen region, for example, the Bremen Ecumenical Secondary School.

Stefan Bellinger is also very committed socially on a personal level and holds many honorary posts and supports, for example, in Bremen the Focke Museum, the Citizen's Park Association, the charity for sailors and their wives, the ice bet, the Segnitz Foundation and the Constantia Foundation. He is also Vice-President in the federal association for family-run companies "Die Familienunternehmer – ASU".

"On the one hand, I can make a very good contribution with my experience as a businessman with respect to things like finances, staff and strategic planning in these institutions", explains Stefan Bellinger. "On the other hand, it also touches you on a personal level to meet those who have received donations as part of your social commitment." 

Trees for the Bürgerpark

In 2000, Carbox celebrated the expansion of its production facility to 12,500 square metres. In order to mark this occasion, we donated a tree for each of our 30 employees, and the trees were planted in the Bremen Bürgerpark. And in 2008, in order to mark the centenary of the company's founding, we also planted a further tree, a large copper beech, in the Bremen Bürgerpark.

A scholarship for the Ökumenische Gymnasium

The Ökumenisches Gymnasium zu Bremen (ÖG) is a state-recognised and privately-funded secondary school. The school provides a Christian upbringing and a comprehensive all-round education. Students have always been supported with scholarships. The sponsoring and supporting association, which had been chaired by Carbox Managing Director Stefan Bellinger for many years, created a foundation for it in 2006 which is supported by Carbox. This saw the company forego gifts and presents in its centenary year 2008, and instead asked for donations to be made to the ÖG Carbox scholarship.

Jerseys for young football players

In the 2008/2009 season, Carbox sponsored new jerseys for the C youth team of SV Baden and was delighted to support the valuable work being done with young footballers in the football club.
Although the lads didn't win the title that year, they did wear the Carbox logo on their chests in its centenary year with pride! 


CSR: responsible conduct

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. This can apply to the company itself, its employees or ecological aspects and go right through to supporting charitable organisations and initiatives. CSR is a very modern term for what Carbox has been practising for three generations already.

For example regarding social commitment. You can read more about what exactly Carbox does do in this area, as well as other interesting aspects of CSR at Carbox in the paper written by Lena Bellinger. The Managing Partner's daughter studies Sustainable Marketing & Leadership at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich and took a close critical look at the family-run company. With success: the commitment to CSR made by Carbox was assessed as positive, and the paper was marked "Excellent".