A long tradition of quality

From Wool Trade to Global Leader

With the production of plastic boxes for car boots, Carbox has developed into a global market leader in its industry over the course of its 100-plus years in existence. The company's success story began in 1908, when Ludwig Jorns and Otto Vahland founded their wool trading company Jorns & Vahland in Bremen.

In 1945, the qualified wool merchant Carl Bellinger took over the business. In 1949, he married Renate Vahland, Otto Vahland's daughter. Due to his involvement in the wool trade, Carl Bellinger had contacts in the wool, and later, the plastic industries. In the 1950s, he procured a "patent for a product designed to protect car boots", and in Frankfurt he developed a deep-drawing machine with which he could manufacture the plastic tubs.

By 1963, Carl Bellinger had long moved on from the wool trade and moved the production of Carbox to Bremen, and then six years later to Achim. His son Stefan joined the business in 1982 and became Managing Director in 1987 and later partner.

He built up the company to a global market leader, the exports alone have risen to more 50 percent over the past 25 years. The number of employees rose from nine to 30. Carbox is today a tier-1 company and, as a result, is a direct supplier of automobile manufacturers such as BMW, Nissan, GM, Porsche, VW and Audi, as well as of the independent automobile accessory market.

1908 to 1945

The wool trading company Jorns & Vahland was founded in Bremen in 1908. While Ludwig Jorns left the company again shortly afterwards, Otto Vahland stayed true to himself and remained loyal to his company and the wool trade. The company's first premises were in Vahland's private home, and then later in Bremen city centre. During the Second World War, Otto Vahland's office and private home were completely destroyed by fire, and almost all documents were destroyed.

1945 to 1982

Otto Vahland died in 1945, and the company more or less existed just on paper. Carl Bellinger then took the reins. He tried his luck selling cuckoo clocks, lighters and pearl buttons, before, with lots of courage and a pioneering spirit, developing and producing plastic boxes for car boots. This was the beginning of the fantastic Carbox success story.

1982 through to today

From banker to managing director of a company that manufactures plastic shells – Stefan Bellinger was being thrown in at the deep end when his father gave up his role in the company in the mid-1980s. Step by step Carbox grew to become a global market leader, Stefan Bellinger put the emphasis on quality and an international sales network, as well as the continuous development of new ideas for the Carbox, which in the meantime has become so much more than just a plastic shell for the car boot.