Quality is a Matter of Form


The best from our Manufacture

From development and construction to production and sales, the Carbox team works hand in hand. Having all departments under one roof ensures maximum flexibility: whether we produce large volumes fully automatically or small series effectively by hand; everything has an optimum quality and can be delivered to anywhere in the world.

Inovative OEM

Each Carbox is the result of artistic and artisanal skills. We work closely with automobile manufacturers in order to not only find the best possible solution but also to think one step ahead. That is why we are the OEM for so many large manufacturers.

A long tradition of quality

One company, three generations: Carbox was founded in 1908 and has been characterised since then by brave business decisions. From wool to pearl buttons right through to the Carbox, it was an exciting journey which grandfather, father and son decided to pursue with great vision and passion.