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Did you know that the very first Carbox wasn't black
but white? And that the Carbox Classic can be supplied for over 1,000 different car models?

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Stefan Bellinger and Joaquim Sanchez in Achim near Bremen

Since 2015, Carbox has had another exclusive export partner in Spain:
Bienvenido Joaquim Sanchez! His company Vika 1 from Barcelona has been involved in the import and sale of car accessory parts for over 50 years.

Vika 1 began in 1962 with the manufacture of its own products such as snow chains and gear-shift knobs; in the decades that followed, the company grew through the additional sale of Spanish automobile accessory parts. Vika 1 has been importing car parts since the 1980s, and today around 70 percent of the products it offers are imported from abroad.

Our Spanish customers can order directly from Vika 1 via the online shop.

You can find information on further Carbox exclusive export partners.

October 2015