Carbox manufactures its products in a 12,500 square-metre facility in Achim near the northern German city of Bremen. And thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment at our disposal, we are able, for example, to produce car boot shells (Carbox form) fully automatically and within very short cycle times. It is one of the best and fastest machines of its type in the world, and it has been exactly aligned to the production.

The successes of the close working relationship between all parts of the company can be seen in production: since sales and production staff are involved in tool development, there are no unwelcome surprises. Everything goes precisely according to plan; there are no delays.

"We are also able to produce small batch sizes, down to a single unit", explains Stefan Bellinger. Produce large volumes completely automatically and small series effectively by hand: Carbox can do both. New cars with new car boots are constantly being launched. Just as often, Carbox constructs new forms in order to meet the wishes of the customers. Speed is no accident. A specialised, excellently developed system at Carbox ensures that customers are supplied fast from the large product range. No competitor can compete. "We don't just want to get to the final destination faster than the others, we also want to be better when getting there", says Stefan Bellinger.