Always thinking one step ahead

On the one hand, Carbox stays true to its principles: the company is based in Germany, the Carbox is manufactured by means of deep-drawing of plastic sheets and films, as well as all the working steps comprising of development, production and sales are under one roof. And that has been the solid foundation for our success over many years.

On the other hand, Carbox is an innovative company that is always thinking one step ahead, in order to become even better. For the customers, for the work processes and, last but not least, also for the environment. At Carbox, innovation does not stop at the factory gate, the opposite is in fact the case. As a medium-sized manufacturing company, Carbox sees itself as being obligated to assume responsibility for the entire production and life cycle of a Carbox.

Carbox is TOP 100 Innovator

In 2009, Carbox was named as one of the 100 most innovative medium-sized companies in Germany and awarded the quality seal "TOP 100". TOP 100 has already been in existence for more than 20 years and is the only benchmarking for innovation management in Germany.

Our Products

Just like every Jake has his Jill, the right Carbox can be found for every car: either our Carbox Classic, Carbox Form or Carbox Floor.

Stable, light, robust and an exact fit, they protect the car boot from dirt and wet, and can be easily inserted and just as easily taken back out. See for yourself! 

We also use our own products on a daily basis. And this means that we see exactly where we can make our products better, for example with our anti-slip mat or the Carbox multi-mat to be used as a load sill guard.

Our quality promise

"We work in accordance with the highest quality standards. We aim to meet the maximum demands when it comes to material, construction and production with each and every Carbox – that is our Carbox quality promise. I am happy to give you a ten-year guarantee on every Carbox – that is my quality promise."
Stefan Bellinger, Managing Partner

Our quality management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1993. Carbox was one of the first companies in this industry and region to be audited by Lloyd's Register (LRQA). Following 15 years of auditing, Carbox was awarded the gold medal by LRQA in 2008 with all departments. Our environmental management system has been certified in accordance with ISO 14001 since 2011, our energy management system was audited in accordance with ISO 50001 in 2015. 

We are convinced of the importance of saving energy

"How come you don't produce any rubbish?" That is a question we are often asked. When the rubbish collectors come, they empty a residual waste container that is hardly any larger than a common household rubbish container. And the rubbish collectors wonder what we do with the rest of our rubbish. Do we hide it, or secretly burn it?

We don't do either, we simply don't have any more rubbish to get rid of. We manufacture our Carbox from fully recyclable plastics with a method that is particularly gentle on the material. And nothing is left over. And if something should happen to be left over, even the smallest possible remaining piece of material is recycled. Sometimes there are even large amounts left over: since 1987, we have been taking back Carbox products which our customers no longer need, but we of course don't put these into the residual waste container, we instead recycle them and make new Carbox products out of them. 

CSR: Responsible Action

CSR stands for corporate social responsibility. This can apply to the company itself, its employees or ecological aspects and go right through to supporting charitable organisations and initiatives. CSR is a very modern term for what Carbox has been practising for three generations already.

For example regarding environmental protection. You can read more about what exactly Carbox does do in this area, as well as other interesting aspects of CSR at Carbox in the paper written by Lena Bellinger. The Managing Partner's daughter studies Sustainable Marketing & Leadership at the Fresenius University of Applied Sciences in Munich and took a close critical look at the family-run company. With success: the commitment to CSR made by Carbox was assessed as positive, and the paper was marked "Excellent".